Wickshire (Nation)

Wickshire, Protectorate of the Seven Clans

A halfling principality that functions as a vassal state to the Seven Clans in exchange for trade, resources, and protection. The halflings have a prince guided by a council of elders who focus on culture and town relations. This is complimented and influenced by a dwarf-assigned Sheriff who is responsible for trade and martial regulations.

Tucked against the headwaters of the Abhainn River, Wickshire is a small nation of quiet halflings who are content to live under the protection of dwarven clans that can worry about the rest of the world. The halflings are a people of nature and the natural order, worshipping Yondalla as their mother-matron.

In their small towns you will find many sturdy halflings, a small number of dwarves, and scant few foreigners. Those foreigners who do visit are typically barbaric men from the Kostromos tribes on the nearby plains, half-orc outcasts from Avenal, and secretive aasimar who pass themselves off as a fringe group of humans. Their culture celebrates the home, family, and civic bonds. Those who find this stifling often excuse themselves from the shires and explore the wider world.

Adventurers from the area typically have a strong bond with nature and Yondalla. Viewing themselves as protectors of Halfling culture from outside influences and evil. They ensure that the shires grow smartly, in a partnership with the wilder lands outside the villages, and that the small nation remains invisible on most maps.

The Provinces, Towns, and Major Villages

There are five shires in Wickshire with the self-named city serving as the capital. The other four shires, ordered by population from greatest to smallest are Flintshire, Legionshire, Nottshire, Woodshire.


A town of halflings nestled against the Abhainn River, Wickshire is the capital of the shires that carry it’s name. A small dam blocks a tributary of the river, creating a reservoir matching the city itself in size.

The people of Wickshire are industrious, orderly, and warm hearted. Though it is the largest town in all of Wickshire, the town does not carry the normal poverty, filth, and crime of larger cities; It is more of a quiet yet bustling burb.

Population: 3875 (at last census/taxing).


Built atop the rocky hills that serve as the northern border of Wickshire, Flintshire is a miner’s town and the bulk of the population is either directly involved in, or indirectly supporting it’s flint industry. There is a significant population of dwarves in Flintshire, also involved in the mining industry.

The town is a half day west of the the Dwarf Mountain River  - and the people of this shire directly support a small outpost on the river and send daily shipments of flint to the outpost for delivery down to its union with the Abhainn river, and then onward to Avenal.


The newest of the shire towns, Legionshire is within the province of Wickshire itself, on the eastern border with the Kostromos lands. The dwarves of the Seven Clans built this city eighteen years ago during the Second River War; a clash between the Kostromos and the shires with the protection of the Seven Clans.

It now functions as a military strong point, with no local industry beyond border patrol and martial training.


The heart of the southern province of Wickshire, Nottshire is nestled in rolling pastoral hills that support basic agriculture as well as significant herds of sheep. Most of the foods grown are grains and root vegetables, and serve as an export not only to the rest of the shires, but also to the Seven Clans. The people here are pastoral, simple, and happy in their lives.


Days west of Wickshire, Woodshire is the seat of the nation's westmost province. Surrounded by thick woods and not far from the northern swamps, this border town exports a great deal of lumber to the Seven Clans. The industry is balanced, overseen by druids who ensure that both cutting and replanting are informed choices that do not destroy the neighboring woodlands, but do provide amply for the halflings who live here.

Wickshire (Nation)

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